Cocopelli is buying and selling Networking equipment items

from all the significant technology providers


Cutting Costs and reducing CAPEX

for Network Operators since 1999..

„...Exploiting the opportunities of the "second-hand market place" for high-end networking equipment is one of the fastest and easiest ways to save money, extend budgets, postpone investments and to recover cash from retired assets..."


Founded in 1999 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark Cocopelli has succesfully helped leading European Network Operators reducing Opex and Capex for 16 years. Persistenly we have been collecting, organizing and promoting the surplus networking hardware assets available with our clients. Today we have a virtuel inventory with more than 5 million different networking items. All competitive priced and available to ship out within a few days. This unique asset makes us able not only to solve and provide most networking equipment needs faster and cheaper. But also to provide parts no longer available in the market. A Tripel Win situation for the seller, the buyer and us.

Extending lifetime for EOS/EOL Network platforns


By locating and providing End-of-sale and End-of-life networking parts, no longer available from the original manufacturer, we can keep your existing platforms alive until you decide to upgrade. We wiil help you to postpone large financial investments and avoid riscfull projects of upgrading entire critical networking platforms to new immature technology.

Recover cash potential from excess networking assets

The surplus networking equipment assets your are keeping in the warehouses represents a large unreleased cash potential. No matter if used or new, Cocopelli will help you find real buyers planning to commision exactly the parts you have. In this way we will secure you the highest possible price.

Massive Savings

- do more with less


Working with Cocopelli, we will help you to do 10-25% more with your existing budgets. Second-hand Networking parts are sold with significant additional discounts. Price range from 50% to 75% below list pricing are not unusual. All our parts are tested and sold with full warranty and very often eligible for the support from the original provider.

Reducing leadtimes

for critical networking parts


No need to just sit and wait 6, 8 or 12 weeks for critical networking parts to arrive. We have more than 5 million different parts, ready to be shipped out within 24 hours after your order has been placed.

Cocopelli do not stock any parts of our own. We are only promoting and selling parts owned and keept in stock by our clients and partners. In this way we can focus 100% on the specific needs of our clients. We work together with more than 1500 Networking Operators and over 3000 stocking resellers worldwide. Within 24 hours we know if a specific type of item is available or requested anywhere in the World. Today more than 5 million items are listed in our virtuel warehouse. From brand new never touched, latest release hardware in original boxes. To refurbished End-of-life parts impossible to finde elsewhere. All priced to sell, tested, packed and ready to ship out within 24 hours from ordering.

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