Optical Transceivers

  Immediate cost-cuttings with

  100% TRUE compatible transceivers

Immediate cost cuttings can be done using Cocopelli OEM alternatives to high-cost original optics  We provide 100% TRUE compatible optical transceivers. Will come with a life time warranty*. Will install and work troublefree. Will Save you 50 to 70%

"The 100% TRUE compatible optics from Cocopelli is working absolutely perfect. But most impressing was the very fast delivery and responsiveness from Cocopelli. Saved me a lot of stress and troubles.." Ettore, System Engineer, Vitrociset S.p.A.

"We have tried several types of 3rd party optical tranceivers. But we all ways had different kind of compatibility problems. Until we tried the 100% TRUE compatible optics from Cocopelli. There are really NO difference from originals. They install and work 100% troublefree!" Giorgio Marzo, Trivenet SA.

100% TRUE compatibility

Our optics are 100% compatible at Part Number level. Not only on the optical parameters but also on product-detail parameters.

We do not provide generic open platform units, but only units that are coded fully identically to originals on all critical vendor- and product specific parameters like Product ID/PID, Vendor ID, security code, CRC etc.  We call this :

100% TRUE compatibility. 

This will ensure not only highest possible compatibility now. But also for the future. In case Alcatel, Brocade, Cisco, Ciena, Brocade, HP, Juniper etc. will make OS upgrades and start rejecting optics without the right product detail coding, we will make you prepared.

Interested ? Send your contact details and the orginal vendor part numbers for the optics you will need - from here!

Challenge of using compatible Optics


Most of our clients have been using compatible OEM Optical transceivers for several years. When you know a little about the fiber optic industry, you would soon realize that only a very small number of production facilities in this world have the specialty equipment needed to produce fiber optic hardware. So most "third party" transceivers are made and assembled in exactly the same plants assembling all the officially branded transceivers. This is why it is logical to conclude that the risks of using non-labelled compatible OEM units must be small.  Chances are there is absolutely no difference between an official branded Cisco, HP or Juniper transceiver and a third-party unit. Except from the label and somewhere between 200 to 4000 Euros each.

Many have proved this to be very true. When OEM transceivers are accepted by the switch they all perform the same.

However it is not all ways that simple to have this first accept. Even if the physical OEM unit may be identical to the original unit. And the optical specifications and coding is also identical to the original, you can still face problems. Especially with Alcatel, Ciena,  Cisco, HP, Marconi, Nortel and a few other brands. The reason is that these provider’s have programmed their hardware OS to test and to shut down ports if a non-original optic is detected. These tests will check for some product unique identifiers like Product ID, Part number and manufacturer details.

There are a few different work-arounds for this issue. But the best solution is to make sure that the optics you use are also coded with the product parameters needed to pass these tests.  100% TRUE compatible optics from Cocopelli will.

Product range

We have access to our own production and programming facility, from were we have a separate monthly production of 500 to 1000 units that will meet the increased quality and significantly higher detail levels of coding that we require for our clients.

Our selection of optics includes 1GB, 10GB, 40GB and also 100GB.

It can be SFP, SFP+, QSFP, CFP, X2, XENPAK, XFP or GBIC form factors.

We can provide optical transceivers for all vendor platforms. Even if you have a very special need, we can work with you to find a solution.

*For clients with annual contracts exceeding our minum  level, our optical transceivers are covered with lifetime warranty.

Cocopelli can provide 100% TRUE compatible Transceivers for all vendors and platforms